By now you are or should be familiar with the setting,,, You wake up one morning and there are walking corpses snacking on your neighbors, on your front lawn. If you reacted to what your eyes were seeing before your brain was finished processing, you probably were not the main course. If you were armed, trained, resourceful, and had tendencies toward violence you likely made it to the end of the day. With a little luck, you made it through the night . . .

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Man's Castle

"Under current circumstances there will be no rescue squad, you will be on your own, alone."

Alone, even as your kindly and shirtless 215 pound neighbor came crashing through your four thousand dollar beveled thermal glass door, ignoring the 50 or so cuts across his face and torso, not to mention his missing ear, he will be ignoring your threats and screams, ignoring the CZ-75 P-01 semiautomatic handgun you have pointed and aimed at him and squeezed the trigger, as your thirty-five dollars per hour, plus membership fees, firing range instructor had taught you. Even as the three, upgraded and modified 9mm shells rip holes in his chest ~ nice grouping as your instructor would have said ~ punching out fist fulls of flesh from his back that should have sent him, if not down, but flying back out the doorway from whence he came, but did not even slow him down, did not stop him from reaching for and grabbing your face, digging his fingers into your cheek, just as your fancy and expensive double pane bay window ~ or bow window you were never sure of the difference ~
exploded inwards from the pressure of the whole obese Glowgoski clan from across the street pressed upon it, even as that sound was over shadowed by the smashing of more exploding glass probably from the sliding doors of your patio, all co-mingled with the screams of your family- your wife and children- throbbing in your ears. Even as the 215-pound neighbor of the last three years, the helpful guy who had and would lend just about every tool imaginable ~ Gary, I think? Gregg? ~ even as Craig grabbed your head, dug his fingers into your cheek and pulled you closer to him, to his mouth as if to smooch but instead swallowing half of your face, from eye socket to chin, ripped apart with his teeth, chewed and spat out as if it were bitter tasting only to snap back and gorge on your neck and throat, finally putting and end to the sounds of your wife’s - or daughters - howling, well at least in your ears. Yes, you and everyone like you were alone and on your own. At least until you came back to join the multitudes to make unannounced visits to your other neighbors.

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