By now you are or should be familiar with the setting,,, You wake up one morning and there are walking corpses snacking on your neighbors, on your front lawn. If you reacted to what your eyes were seeing before your brain was finished processing, you probably were not the main course. If you were armed, trained, resourceful, and had tendencies toward violence you likely made it to the end of the day. With a little luck, you made it through the night . . .

Monday, November 7, 2016



Breathless, I took a knee. No one should have to run like this, particularly in the morning, and hungover. I didn't hurt, I burned. My lungs, my throat, my feet, my calves all awash in flames. I could almost smell the smoke. …

My hamstrings were ready to snap and my heart was trying to burst through my chest. The crowd – the hoard – was already turning the next corner; a tall, skinny guy in an expensive work suit and missing half his face was in the lead, running hard.

I might have given up except for a young man, not much past his teens came back to help me up. How nice. His parents must have raised him well.

“C'mon mister, get up, they're right behind us.” He had a whine in his voice making him sound even younger that he looked.

He got closer and reached down to help me up. I reached out and hit him solidly in the face, he stumbled backwards and went down, hard. I might not have had the lungs, but the rest of the upper body was still quite able. I got up, stomped on his leg and for good measure kicked him in his face, and to stop his screaming …

Well, you know the old saying, “... I only have to run faster than you ...”

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